Flaming Emotions by Lucille M Griswold (NOOK/iBOOK/etc)
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When fire destroyed the neighborhood in Colorado where Jenny and Jim Jackson had just moved, no one could have predicted the unusual outcome of the devastation. Sometimes, even the best arranged plans can be turned upside down. This was proven by the horrors that soon plagued the entire Jackson family clan when a past incident came to the forefront.

The fire was not the only cause of the family's shock and distress. Hidden secrets and oddities influenced the very core of the family's existence as they struggled to get answers. In the end, can true familial love triumph?

eISBN: 978-1-945355-16-5

Release Date: 7/19/2016

Number of Pages: 210

  • Item #: epub-flaming

Flaming Emotions by Lucille M Griswold (NOOK/iBOOK/etc)

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