Right Under Your Nose: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll by Gene B (NOOK)
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RIGHT UNDER YOU NOSE – Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll is story set in an era when our country was faced with social and political unrest fueled by changes in philosophy, music, civil rights, freedom of expression, drugs, and WAR.

Dean always believed that reaching his 60th birthday was going to be a milestone in his life. But to his surprise, the first celebratory phone call was from a Florida criminal attorney. Initially he thought it was a birthday prank and after hanging up he dismissed it until the following day when he received a strange box, special delivery.

While carrying the box into the kitchen, his wife Karen began questioning him as to its contents. His response was vague and confusing, so she continued to prod him for an explanation.

Over the next six hours they discovered that the 007 secrecy surrounding the so-called birthday present was much more than anything imaginable.

Little did they know when they opened the box where the contents would take them and how much was at stake ... so the journey began.

eISBN: 978-1-939954-33-6

Release Date: 12/4/2013

Number of Pages: 562

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Right Under Your Nose: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll by Gene B (NOOK)

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