Three More Bite Presents a Cookbook Bundle by Ayoe and Bob Lai
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“Cozy” is equivalent to the Danish expression, “Hygge”. It is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle. It is spending time together with family and friends over nice meals, sharing, relaxing and enjoying life.

Ayoe and Bob love to cook and have “Hygge”. They travel the world and experience many cuisines, and experiment in their kitchen constantly! They want to share their experiences, and most especially, their recipes with you, recipes that are special but also easy to make. You can even access some very special videos through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Tips on cooking, knife skills, and even what to do with those occasional leftovers are all covered through amazing new technology contained in this book.

Whether you are an experienced chef or just learning to cook, this book will entertain you and warm your heart, and the recipes will satisfy your appetite! Ayoe and Bob want to inspire the chef in you, share the love and appreciation of family and sharing, and provide the tools and knowledge necessary to create beautiful meals in your everyday life.

ISBN-13: 978-1-937121-74-7

Release Date: 12/15/2012

# of Pages: 90

In this second cookbook by husband and wife cooking duo - Ayoe and Bob Lai - we explore all new and delicious recipes. Ayoe and Bob bring a unique flavour and variety of foods that are both delicious and easy to make. Along the way, they incorporate their life stories and explain the significance of each recipe contained within.

This cookbook is inspired by their three weddings - twice in Vancouver, Canada and once in Denmark - and their honeymoon in Italy. The multiple weddings were necessary due to their families being spread all over the world and the challenges in getting everyone in one place at the same time.

Covering appetizers, main entrees, desserts, and sides, there is something for everyone to enjoy! All the recipes are converted into both the metric and the imperial system, so it is easy for everyone to get started on the cooking.

As a special bonus, Ayoe and Bob have created cooking demonstration videos and the links can be found throughout this cookbook.

We hope you enjoy!

ISBN-13: 978-1-939954-12-1

Release Date: 11/26/2013

# of Pages: 90

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Three More Bite Presents a Cookbook Bundle by Ayoe and Bob Lai

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